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Dear Professor i dont know why my videos arent showing up on the final paper i tried it a million different ways it worked the other times i have no idea .

I apologize for that


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Cool website i came across talks about narratology . It also talks about many of the terms that we have used this semester and learned about through the Jahn article. I found it very helpful the article and the website because Jahn was able to relate to all the stories we have read this semester. It was a great way to look at things and be able to explain them wit the actual term they are known in literature.

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This video is a cool one in the sense that its also from a persons POV that is in the car but its not from the front driving forward. The shot is taken from the back they are filming as they re making their way onto he hill. Also a POV just different perspective , shows how you can see one thing from many different sides.

Blog 33

In his video we are taken for a ride in one of the oldest wooden rollercoasters. It is cool to see it from a personal perspective because you actually get a feel of being on the ride and seeing it as if you were on it . The same way you read a book and its from the authors perspective or the perspective of the narrator you are able to get the thoughts and views of the people that are telling their story. This was something that was used in many of the books and i like when we are told something from a person’s perspective because you get a personal more private view of their feelings and the ideas they portray .

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In this video we see the director of the film talk about and show how he incorporates magic into his film. There is a lot of magical realism used not only in movies but also in books i think it makes the movies so much more interesting and lets you open up your mind to endless possibilities and are able to engage in the text more.

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It was funny that the first thing that i had found when i youtubed magical realism was Garcia Marquez . I actually want to talk about this in my paper and found this video very interesting and helpful .It defines magical realism and talks about how it is used in Garcia Marquez’s novel .

Blog # 30

At first i hadnt liked the book from what i remembered it last year but this time around my opinion about it definitely changed. I enjoyed it very much i was still confused with the shifting realities and this whole idea of time but i guess since we were dealing with things like that all semester i was able to understand it more.

I also learned more about the author and his background and more about the aztecs and their background that made the book a lot more easier to understand. Last year i had a hard time understanding where many of his ideas were coming from and i was confused for like the whole book but now i actually was able to get his point of his writing much easier.

Blog #28

One of the things that i liked about this book is that the narrator is very descriptive of everything he does and sees. When he is constantly shifting between realities he is able to describe to his readers in such detail what is going on that he makes you feel like you are there. It is confusing because you dont know which one is which but i also like this idea of shifting realities.

” I dream of whiteness. I don’t know if thats a  good sign , but i go on dreaming . Whiteness. Blankness. Fogginess. A vague expanse of indefinite ambiguity.Middle distance where everything starts fading away. The airplane is shuddering underneath me,  freezing wind whistling through its  sheetmetal seams like someone sucking on his teeth. , the temperature too low to drop any further, just yet “( Pg54)

Blog # 29



“But mama raised a big boy , she fed me well , so i can wrestle whole 375 pound hogs all day better than any, while those unassuming women, boys and old veteranos just cant take it Each broad back hog descends toward the kill floor through a chute with its huge head first , the sides of the chute pressing and holding as it as 3Turkey zaps’em in the neck , delivering massive voltage direct to the spine.He hits a button and the chute opens dropping the hog to the floor.3Turkey steps over it & hooks a leg . Iy swings upright (trusting he hooked it fast), I reach my left arm around the hog’s shoulders as i lean into its girth, the warm , grizzly skin prickling worse than your old man’s two- day stubble , i give it the last firm goodbye hug , pressing the knife into its throat , at the same time , drawing i diagonally down , slicing the carotid with one motion, then out on the other side. ( Pg 7 )


This was one of the descriptions where our narrators goes in such deep detail of what his job is and how exactly it is done. this goes on about 4 pages and i actually liked it because it was very detailed and you can actually see everything that is going on .

Blog # 27

We watched a video like this in class and i been looking at ones myself . I get a better picture of what is going on in the book through video’s like this after seeing so many videos i actually want to go and watch the movie Apocalypto i heard its a great movie and it also looks like the reviews and comments for it on the youtube videos are great.


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